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Preston Railroad

09 | Feb | '18
Preston RR has lots of water in the trail and it is super cold. The snow is not an issue and looks awesome. Half the ride I felt like I was riding through a creek of ice water. Rode a StumpJumper with 650 3.0 tires at 13psi and had lots of root slip. It was very hard to reach an optimal cruising speed. I recommend rain paints and a rain coat to stay dry and warm. I was soaked within the first 5 min and started shivering, I couldn't feel my feet anymore. The temperature was 35 at the top and 49 in the parking lot. IMO Tiger Mountain has some of the best trails in the Western US and on its worst day it far is better than anything in California! Cheers!
Submitted by trek4fun on 02/09/2018