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Good winter riding

12 | Jan | '15

I got out late afternoon today to do NWT-Joyride-SS then climbed up the road and did Fully Rigid down to Joyride-NWT.  All pretty rideable, but a bit more challenging w wet roots and rocks and an ocassional mud patch.  I was running out of light which compounded these issues ;-)  Overall it seemed like NWT had the most wet/muddy sections and as I got away from the parking lot and up there was less wear on the trail.

On Sunday I went out and climbed all the way top the East Summit, and Preston from Bail Out up and then the E Tiger Summit trail were in really nice shape and pretty dry.  No snow at all left up there.

Get out there while it's dry and sunny (maybe tomorrow?)!

Submitted by hardtail on 01/13/2015