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Lower Loop

11 | Oct | '14

Rode the lower loop out Northwest Timber, with a climb to the maintenance access on Joyride and out Silent Swamp to Preston. Climbed Preston, now I remember why I haven't done that climb in 17 years, but it was still a good technical challenge. Very few riders--two- coming down Preston today. Even the river isn't really acting up quite yet. Upon reaching Preston Bailout (PBR), I descended and was greeted with tacky hero dirt. This trail is draining so well and it is just riding better and better. Fully Rigid and Joyride for the ride back to NWT and out to the parking lot. Overall, NWT is in incredible shape. Only one puddle after the deluge we had this weekend. Silent Swamp, Fully Rigid and Joyride are in great shape as well with a couple small puddles, but otherwise dry. This will be a great option for the winter months provided the trails remain open. All told I think I only rode 1.5 miles of road on the whole loop.

Submitted by rock gnome on 10/12/2014