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First Look - ET at Tiger!

02 | May | '21

My bad to show up at Tiger at 8:00 AM on a spring weekend, both lots were nearly full. What drew me were whispers and rumors of a new flow trail called Extraterrestrial that drops left off of Preston Railrooad.  Sure enough, after grunting up Master Link, Quick Link and Tiger Mtn Road I scorched East Tiger Summit to Preston, and before the switchbacks in the clear cut there it was! No trail sign yet, so I rode with caution but turns out to be an awesome flow trail with rollable doubles, well built berms and a rockfall. Super fast, and perfect length, it ends at East Side Rd 7000 and back to Northworst Timber. Good news here, NWT Bypass is a bit more fun option. Great dirt overall, little damp and muddy. Kudos to the crew at EMBA for ET, please support them generously!

Submitted by Bryan on 05/02/2021