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Residual wetness

08 | Sep | '14

Took Tiger Summit trail to Off the Grid. Summit was in pretty good shape as were the first rollovers and step ups on Off the Grid. Second third of the trail was pretty mangled; slick rocks/roots/ brake divets/ and so forth making for some cantankerous riding. Fortunately, when the terrain and dirt gets a bit better packed and less rooty, the riding was pretty smooth and allowed me to book it without break checking everyother turn. Took Grid to Fully Rigid which had some fun techy stuff, narrow tree hits and lots of tight rooty turns. Trail wasn't in top shape, def a bit slick and required some kicking off the ground with my foot. But, it smoothes out and allows for faster riding once you get to Joy Ride and NW Timber Trail. Just watch out for tight turns where the soil is loose if you value your knees and shins :)  I am guessing that everything will dry out in the next couple days! (ALSO, the new Summit trail is GREAT. DO IT)

Submitted by neat_green on 09/09/2014