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New Trailhead Limitation

13 | Apr | '22

Went out to Cherry Valley this morning to take advantage of it's great resilience to our recent rains. Darrington's and Cherry Valley's trails are my first choices for post-storm riding. The roads may not drain in spots but the trails in the thick foliage are constructed well with strategic drainage. Sure, there are a couple wet spots, but in general, they are my wet weather go-to's.

On this ride I noticed the new anti motorized vehicle entry they put at the trailhead. That obstruction is pictured as the report image. The trails today were good and only wet roots were the worry ocassionally. I went on Dense, YGD, Cyclops, Funner, Barracuda (tree cleared now), and returned to the car on No Road and Black Label. GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 04/13/2022