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Snowy Skyline

Had a wonderful trip today exploring above the snowline and descending on the Skyline trail from the Upper Shuttle entrance. I parked at the bottom of Lower Skyline and climbed the shuttle road and up through Pathfinder and then continued hiking on the road until the upper lot. Snow appeared at 2800 feet and was fully covering the road at 3000 feet. Luckily it was below freezing up high so the melt freeze crust was easy to walk on or occasionally ride on. The new snows on the Whitehorse summit really made gorgeous views glisten and made the hike worth it. Upon entering the trail, I had to walk in about a 100 yards and cross the bridge before the trail dirt was visible and the bike could do the rest. I did saw up two windfalls for you so the trail is clear of wood. Once I got to the bottom, I climbed up to do Lower Skyline once more. It was a great day. GPS track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 04/01/2022