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Licked the Raging Lollipop!

08 | Aug | '21

I picked a perfect day to lick the Raging Lollipop, it was 50's and wet but no rain at 7:30 AM when we pushed off from the lot. Two hours and ~3000' of vertical later we were at the top of No Service. It's a long climb, especially without an e-bike so not for the faint of heart. No Service was wet, so roots were super greasy and rocks were slick. The middle flow section is perfect, no braking bumps as the trail is lightly ridden. The ~1500' climb back up Return Policy is serviceable, if we hadn't already climbed ~3000' to get there. Poppin Tops and Flow State are completely broken. They've been ridden so hard that they're super janky and loose, with braking pits you could park a VW in. Total loop is 18.9 miles and 4500' climbing. I'm wiped. 

Submitted by Bryan on 08/08/2021