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Climbing with a Deer Family

07 | Aug | '21

Had a slightly soggy morning in the light morning shower here today. The rains were dampening the soil to near hero so the ride conditions were very enjoyable. I got to White Ox to climb to the towers and there was Mommy on White Ox, 50 feet in front of me! I rode another 30 feet and there were her two daughters on the opposite side of the trail. It was beautiful. Then, they had enough of the old fellow in yellow (me in my rain gear),  and confidently pranced away. I went up and down the Springboards and met up with my Ebike buddy. After leading him for the next trail, he and his battery, "schooled me" on who was boss during the climbs. :-)  We did Meetcutter, Goldeneye, Wishbone, and then Redline and Red Barn and Ewe Tube twice. All were pretty much hero and the shower stopped and the rains got a chance to soak into the dry soil.  Should be real fun for you now before any real rain comes. GPS Track and mommy here.

Submitted by tomvale on 08/07/2021