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Ride Reports

07 | 20 | '14
I uploaded the this trail to the maprika app and rode it to confirm the mapping was accurate. Very nice parking area that can hold around 20 cars. The group that mantains these trails have done a great job. They were in amazing shape. ites very evide...
Submitted by van462 on 10/11/2014
10 | 11 | '14
Oct is here and the rains are starting. If you are new to the Banner Forest trails here are my tips on trails that typically will hold water and mud for prolonged times. Avoid Foxy Deer, Donald Duck, and Banner Slough. Banner Slough can be used to co...
Submitted by van462 on 10/11/2014
10 | 10 | '14
The best switchback climbing practice near Seattle! Love this place. 1100 feet of climbing in 4.2 miles for the entrire loop. Met a friendly guy with a weed wacker clearing the trails and he's trying to get the word out more about this trail system....
Submitted by carbonguy on 10/10/2014
10 | 09 | '14
TKE was once my favorite local riding spot, but the logging and the use-pass turned me away for a few seasons.  I decided it was time for me to dediscover TKE, so joined a few friends for an evening spin on some of the old standards and a few ne...
Submitted by r1de on 10/10/2014
Submitting this a few days late but hoping this report can help someone grab this trail later this week before the rain comes in again. We started at the CCC Extension so can't comment on the main CCC trail. The tread was in excellent shape with just...
Submitted by MtnPavlas on 10/08/2014
10 | 07 | '14
Went riding after work on Tuesday. Parked at the Community Garden entrance on 76th St. Rode across to the East side of the tracks, down past the Boeing ball fields; then down to the tracks, up the other side and back to the car on the West side....
Submitted by ernestel on 10/08/2014
10 | 05 | '14
Amazing trail system of non technical and technical trails for hiking biking and horseback riding. But I gotta say, Full Suspension is the way to go when tearin' thru the endless sections of trail. We spent hours on Gnomes Trail, Once Upon a Time, Li...
Submitted by cybrslug on 10/07/2014
10 | 07 | '14
I live 1 mile from here, and ride this in a pinch when pressed for time, and need to burn off some steam.  LOTS of bulldozing, grading, and pre-housing-development activities, so most of the trails are hammered.  I clear them as I ride them...
Submitted by paulbozich on 10/07/2014
10 | 05 | '14
Beautiful fall colors - the vine maple is amazing right now, and the views of the Stuart range were breathtaking. I had hoped the recent rains would have made hero dirt, but no such luck. It was over 80F today, and there was no moisture anywhere. De...
Submitted by r1de on 10/05/2014
10 | 05 | '14
went on this ride today. went up with my newphew which is 10. great ride for beginners. there are some difficult rides also. a lot of different trails to choose from. every trail is marked very well to know where to go. i WILL be hitting this trail a...
Submitted by alexckong on 10/05/2014
09 | 25 | '14
The trail is well-signed and easy to follow. There were some cows in spots along the climb but they didn't impact the trail. The ride reaches a highpoint after a double-track climb and is followed by a series of short climbs and descents before the r...
Submitted by Pbuilder on 10/03/2014
10 | 01 | '14
Signage is up and seems to be staying up so far. Some locals not happy about letting the word out. All the upper trails are in great shape and draining well. Lower trails like Sick and Twisted, No Road, and Black Label are getting the last summer br...
Submitted by Bob Bournique on 10/02/2014
Rode the classic loop in the CW direction on a stunning fall day.  Left the TH around 9:30 and returned around 5:00PM which included leisurly stops at Cooney and Boiling Lake.  Trail was in great condition from recent rains adn the larches...
Submitted by woodway on 09/29/2014
09 | 28 | '14
I went out here with my 4 and 5 year olds just to hit the bottom parts of the single track and it was just covered in horse poop.  Wow, I love the signs in the parking lot that say something like "pack everything out".  I guess everything e...
Submitted by hardtail on 09/28/2014
09 | 28 | '14
first time on this trail. brought my newphew which is 10 yrs old and has a mountain bike with me... not recommended for kids to ride up. its a pretty steep ride up. we made it only about half a mile. had a talk with a couple guys riding back down and...
Submitted by alexckong on 09/28/2014
09 | 28 | '14
rode this trail with my cousin and newphew. hes 10 yrs old and rode this with his BMX bike. he did great. an amazing first ride! i would recommend this to anyone as a first time ride.
Submitted by alexckong on 09/28/2014
09 | 28 | '14
Outstanding fall conditions; no mud pits/bogs/puddles anywhere, just a few soft "bruises" in places.  Rode fast fender-free and came back spotless.  Beautiful colors and pretty popular on a Sunday afternoon.  Two thumbs up.
Submitted by r1de on 09/28/2014
09 | 11 | '14
Rode the first half of the Adventure Trail (10 miles in-10 miles out).  Trail is in great shape.  Technically - beginner but grunt factor of intermediate. There is lots of elevation gained and lost but all rideable and fun. The part I rode...
Submitted by jackd49 on 09/18/2014
09 | 16 | '14
Yesterday rode the gravel road uphill to the newer, upper trail segment, then rode back down around the lower  trail, returning to the parking area at the old target shooting pit.  the road gave me a chance to warm up properly before hittin...
Submitted by Animalbikeman on 09/17/2014
09 | 17 | '14
not a lot to go on for directions. single track is grown over often but clearly used by horses. signs say no "trespassing" at every turn on and off the powerlines.
Submitted by invadingmelody on 09/17/2014