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08 | 24 | '14
Found the trail posting information from MTBR forum and after reading the review we made plans to head over Sunday 8/24. I took my 5 year old with me and he loved it. Several creek crossings, nice climbs with some aggressive rock and rooted sections...
Submitted by stu-bob on 08/25/2014
Parked at Buck Creek and rode up 410 then up Corral Pass Road - Noble Knob - Dalles Ridge - Ranger Creek -Palisades -White River. NK/DC/RC all in great shape.  Nothing loose and recent work by WTA - kudos.
Submitted by jackd49 on 08/23/2014
08 | 23 | '14
Snoqualmie Bike Park has seen better days; some weeds in the well-worn pump track, and some of the slats in the woodwork are broken or missing. Also, the old wooden ladder drop is gone. That said, the kids still had a great time, and that made it wo...
Submitted by r1de on 08/23/2014
08 | 19 | '14
Think you're a climber? Try the ascent on Bells Mtn from Moulton Falls park. Once you get passed this first 1.5 miles of stiff, demoralizing, brute of a climb, enjoy epic views to the east as you traverse a ridge. Afterwards, it's flowy singletrack d...
Submitted by Chris on 08/22/2014
08 | 14 | '14
I really liked Hustle and Flow.  I actually found it about the same level (and more fun) than Breaking Bad.  There really aren't enough trails to make it worth the trip, but if you live nearby it's certainly a nice start!  My parents l...
Submitted by PrestaPost on 08/21/2014
08 | 21 | '14
Rode this last evening (8/20/14), fun trail, moderate-advanced beginner-intermediate level trails and gravel roads. The ride from the parking lot up and down Holder Ridge is dry and smooth rolling through dense woods. From the creek at the bottom up...
Submitted by gregld on 08/21/2014
08 | 20 | '14
There is an approx. 6" tree across the trail about 1/4 mile east of trail marker 18 on the Devil's Slide trail.   Jeff
Submitted by jwickman on 08/20/2014
08 | 16 | '14
It was my first ride on this trail, and while short, it was really fun!  The trail was dry (but not moondust), and the rolling dips and climbs made it a really enjoyable time.  It was a little bit crowded on the weekend, but everyone was re...
Submitted by EvergreenBryan on 08/20/2014
08 | 17 | '14
Rode it Sunday for the first time.  The map available from Kitsap Parks may not be fully correct but is more then adequate for navigation around and back to the parking lot.  The signs, if there, are up high so that's where to look.  T...
Submitted by SlimL on 08/18/2014
08 | 17 | '14
I was having too much fun and lost track of my camera, somewhere near the top, where the single tracks starts or the top of the hike-a-bike.  it was in a gray case.  And the trail is in great shape.  Pay attention to how to find the st...
Submitted by Linden on 08/17/2014
08 | 17 | '14
I found mostly logging roads and smooth single track - good for a hot afternoon.  Make sure you print out this map as the signage is very minimal: http://your.kingcounty.gov/ftp/gis/web/vmc/recreation/BCT_TaylorMtn_brochure.pdf
Submitted by TimO on 08/17/2014
08 | 17 | '14
First time riding Henry's Ridge. Entered the trails next to the Water Tower. Went up trail (name unknown to me), then went on Anaconda, Python, Snake, Connector, BeaverTracks, then Beavertracks Loop. Ended up at an intersection at end of Beavertracks...
Submitted by ladmo on 08/17/2014
08 | 16 | '14
Road Tolt MacDonald today. Nice ride. First time riding here. Per advisement road the perimiter roads first - got a feel for the layout. Yes, IAB is tough, but not too bad in terms of grunt. I was able to ride about 2/3rds of it. So... what is up wit...
Submitted by zenwhipper on 08/16/2014
08 | 16 | '14
This was my first time up Hansen Ridge and what an amazing job Evergreen MTB has done to carve out this trail. Rode from the shooting pit to the Lake and back. Got a flat about 1 mile before reaching the lake and stupidly didn't have a pump. Thankful...
Submitted by JGG on 08/16/2014
08 | 14 | '14
Had a great time riding around the park after work today. Lots of twisty trails with roots. Lots of short punchy climbs. Several logs to clear. Some of the park is faster flowy type riding, some is a little slower and technical, which I love. No mud...
Submitted by ladmo on 08/14/2014
08 | 09 | '14
BLUF: Fun all day trail on a nice day. 25.4 miles with 2,956 ft total elevation gain.  Parked at the south end of Trial #31 and rode towards the falls.  Trails dry, rolling with a few steep climbs and steep descent.  I allowed 5 hours...
Submitted by NavXman on 08/14/2014
08 | 11 | '14
I'm new in town and started hitting this trail 3-4 times a week. For the last 3 weeks on almost every ride I keep finding new trails. I know the guys at Camas bike shop do a group ride at least once a week here and I could probably save a lot of time...
Submitted by Chris on 08/12/2014
08 | 09 | '14
Trail in fine/typical summer Kachess Shape. loose, rocky and brush starting to creep into the gladed portions. Creek crossings are low. Air is clear of smoke.
Submitted by AndrewB on 08/11/2014
The trail is in good shape, the creeks are mostly dry or running slowly. The trail is getting overgrown with tall grasses and blackberry bushes in a few places but nothing too bad. I road from the Mt. Si parking lot all the way up to the Middle Fork...
Submitted by gregld on 08/11/2014
08 | 10 | '14
Dry, hot and dusty. Rode it up to the intersection at the basin and back down. Few rocky technical places but a steady grind up and an on the brakes but fun descent back down. Fire in Ingalls Creek area meant that it was somewhat smoky but the wind w...
Submitted by Bob Bournique on 08/11/2014