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Go with someone who has done it before

28 | Feb | '15

My basic advice for this ride is go with someone who knows the route.  There are a lot a places where you can make a wrong turn once you get to the Horse Pasture Hill and Redmond Watershed section  I will have to wait until a Thursday night to do this ride with folks who know the route I guess.

I tried to do this route by myself on 3/1/2015 during the daylight hours. I got to Horse Pasture Hill and I tried really hard to follow this route with the map and the turn by turn steps but got myself pretty turned around.  After trying to find this section for awhile, "On the right side of the fence, find a trail that parallels the fence. Climb up and at the sign for the Redmond Watershed vear right onto an established trail. The trail comes back under the power lines where you take a right."   I was fighting daylight and knew it was better just to turn back and retrace my route.  This is a good conditioning ride for sure, I was climbing and descending the powerlines and looking forward to doing the whole loop. If someone who knows this route and wants to lead a daylight ride there sometime on a weekend I'd be game to go. 


Submitted by jamesowenby on 03/02/2015