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Thrilla Route

Thrilla - gravel road

Key Info

1-2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
4 of 5 (physical difficulty)
Road Grade, X-Country
NW Washington


20 miles total
1450' elevation gain
5% single track
65% fire road
30% paved
47.73422017 lat.
-122.1484396 long.


Please be courteous to horses and slow down when you see them.

The Thrilla in Woodinvilla is a regular weekday conditioning ride on the Evergreen Ride Calendar. The route uses the Tolt Pipeline, Redmond Watershed and Puget Power Trails plus connecting sections of trail and double track for a killer workout.

The Puget Power Trail is gravel surfaced. Redmond Watershed can get a little muddy but it holds up well during wet weather. Tolt Pipeline is dirt doubletrack. Some of the dirt connector sections can get fairly muddy. Overall, the Thrilla route is a good dirt ride for wet weather conditions.

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