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A Favorite

07 | Mar | '15

A very busy day at Paradise but one of the great things about this place is you really don't run into too many people out on the trails once you get out on them. Nice, sunny, dry and warm. All trails in great condition. Rode Cascara to the mainline to Mountain Bike Park, Cedar Run, Southern Traverse, Two Trees to Ephemeral, Red Alder then back to Southern Traverse to hit it in the fun direction and finished with Lloyd's.  There's been a little bit of work on Lloyd's to make certain areas a bit easier to hit which has been great for me.  I used to find this the most challenging trail but I think Two Trees is the most challenging for me now. This is one of my favorite spots to go just because of the proximity to my work and home so it's easy to get to. Also, I like the technicality of it.  Sometimes it's a PITA but when you can hit stuff you've not been able to before, it really feels great!

Submitted by kareparh on 03/12/2015