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John Wayne Pioneer Trail / Iron Horse State Park

One of many trestle bridges

Key Info

1 of 5 (technical difficulty)
1 of 5 (physical difficulty)
Road Grade
NW Washington


110 miles total
1670' elevation gain
95% fire road
5% paved
47.39449 lat.
-121.39545 long.

Latest Ride Reports

Blueberry and fern meadow at the end of the trail.

No signage yet at the parking lot, which is shared with the Jennifer Dunn trail (posted No Bikes).  The first mile or so is under constructio, diligently being converted/improved from abandoned forrest road to singlettack, but is very ridable...

Submitted by Blearned on 09/24/2018

twisty rooty FUN!

09 | 18 | '18

After learning to ride on Galbraith in the 90's, I've finally found a home down here in the Sound. So old school - so fun. Lots of really twisty, technical trails with many many off angle roots. Not much up and down but enough to keep it interesti...

Submitted by SHindman on 09/19/2018

my favorite loop

09 | 02 | '18

Fun ride did the loop.  Starts out with a lot of climbing but its not to loose so its rideable.  Beautiful views no matter what direction you look.  The trail seemed to handle the traffic pretty good, it did not seem packed for holi...

Submitted by Troysteigman on 09/19/2018

A real hoof

09 | 18 | '18

Made it to the very end.  About a mile and a half from the turnaround where nf-350 connects I had a close encounter with a large mountain goat who was not super excited about letting me by. Be aware  Curred me of riding this trail solo.<...

Submitted by ericlee on 09/18/2018