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Ride Report

01 | Apr | '15

The majority of the trails are rideable and in decent condition. That being said, there are some defencies to note:

  • Several obstacles by the lake view entrance are overgrown
  • The first berm on Sidewinder has fallen down the hill - be careful
  • Acid drop is shaky and there is a someone living on the wooden berm after it
  • The run out of holy chute is blocked by a homeless man's storage under a sleeping bag
  • Pips hips are out of comission - the berm after the first hip is filled with trash / a homeless person's belongings
  • Zeb's Grotto seems to have been dismantled
  • A.W.O.L. and Nick's kicks are very dusty, but still rideable
    • There is a man living under one of Nick's kicks - I think he also owns the storage by holy chute
Submitted by jzamby on 04/02/2015