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04 | 20 | '15
Nearly as good as it gets out there!  Timely report though, since it looks like more rain is coming starting tomorrow.
Submitted by r1de on 04/20/2015
04 | 20 | '15
Hey everyone! This is a great area to come ride! There are three main places you can ride, a BMX and dirt jump area, a cross country area, and a nice downhill area with tons of jumps. ALL DIRECTIONS ARE FROM THE 200TH ST PARKING AREA (DES MOINES CRE...
Submitted by codystreeter on 04/20/2015
04 | 18 | '15
Hit Sage Hills at just the right time. Sunshine, blue skies, wild flowers in bloom, zero dust. I'd say you have 1 or 2 weeks before it starts getting dusty. Located just outside of Wenatchee. Check it out!
Submitted by Petkatmat on 04/19/2015
04 | 18 | '15
Added another Highway 2 trail to the Evergreen site today after planning and riding it for the first time today. The ride starts at an access gate off of Sultan Basin Road and then after a mile, climbs into forested clearcuts and switch backs. There...
Submitted by tomvale on 04/18/2015
04 | 16 | '15
We rode East Tiger Summit, Off The Grid, Fully Rigid, Joyride, and NW Timber. Everything was in awesome shape, but Fully Rigid is sure taking a beating in some places.  There was still a bit of snow in shady spots near the summit.
Submitted by r1de on 04/17/2015
04 | 16 | '15
My buddy and I just hit a few basics: VooDoo, 2Hi, HLC, Gravy Train and Ryan's. Everything was riding great. It had been a long time since I hit 2Hi, and was disappointed to see how it's changed (all the gaps are tables). HLC is flowing really nice -...
Submitted by r1de on 04/17/2015
04 | 16 | '15
This was my first time at Soaring Eagle. The southern section was a complete bog after a fair amount of rain 2-3 days ago. That section was awful, and I would avoid it if it has rained recently. The northern area trails were in much better shape, wit...
Submitted by falco18 on 04/17/2015
I rode Skookum/White River today (4-15-15) and I have never seen it so saturated and muddy -- with lots and lots of puddles. White River is better but still lots of water on that trail too. I'm going to give it some time to dry out before I go back.
Submitted by jackd49 on 04/15/2015
04 | 11 | '15
Victoria Tract was just North of the 'convergence zone' today so it never rained today after lunch. The trails are still closed (Tree Farm decision, still early in season) but the roads are always available. Since it was my first time there, I enjoye...
Submitted by tomvale on 04/11/2015
09 | 21 | '14
I've been meaning to write this ride report for a while... Rode this last September and as a novice mountain biker, this trail is much harder than listed on this site. The climb is not technical but long. There was more hike a bike than anticipated a...
Submitted by csanderson23 on 04/11/2015
04 | 10 | '15
All trails are snow free and riding good. Enjoy!! Also, a new trail segment is currently being constructed near the North Junction TH. This will make the Outback Trail a stacked loop.
Submitted by on 04/10/2015
Fun night on the trails up at Lake Desire park, there were a few cars at the trailhead but not to many, encountered less than 10 people, all hikers on the main road, only saw one other biker. I don't know why but I was a little concerned about seeing...
Submitted by Leflerej on 04/10/2015
04 | 08 | '15
Very fun trail with nicely machined turns on the descent.  Kudos to the builders.  We arrived at the trailhead at the same time as a 15 minute cloud burst.  After waiting it out, we set out on the ride.  The ascent is steady with...
Submitted by joelbhamster on 04/09/2015
04 | 08 | '15
First time riding this trail system... Very nice singletrack with some roots and a few other obstacles. I am planning to go back tonight to explore the remaining trails I did not get a chance to ride.  
Submitted by TechDude on 04/09/2015
04 | 04 | '15
I saw this hill's tower from a distance and went to Google Earth to plan the ride. The road climbs lightly at the begining and then goes down to a small gravel pit and then to a bridge over Woods Creek. After the bridge, you climb 900 feet to the sum...
Submitted by tomvale on 04/05/2015
04 | 02 | '15
The majority of the trails are rideable and in decent condition. That being said, there are some defencies to note: Several obstacles by the lake view entrance are overgrown The first berm on Sidewinder has fallen down the hill - be careful Acid...
Submitted by jzamby on 04/02/2015
04 | 01 | '15
No, this isn't an April Fools joke - KGB has been reopened.  The trail starts at the pump track and is clear the entire way.  We are still working away at upgrading and rebuilding sections of the trail, but it's fully rideable.  Just k...
Submitted by JustinVP on 04/01/2015
03 | 26 | '15
The bluff always dries out pretty quickly. Conditions are excellent. Newer trails are shaping up well. It's an interesting combination of just a few muddy spots and some occasional loose dry stuff out on the open slopes. A great place for practicing...
Submitted by gravedavi on 03/31/2015
Had a chance for a short ride out on the trails. The open ascent on the east side of the creek is pretty well dried out. Just a couple of muddy spots. The descent on the single track through the trees and ravine had a bit more mud and some little cre...
Submitted by gravedavi on 03/31/2015
03 | 30 | '15
Escalator, Funner, Cyclops, YGD, Sick and Twisted, No Road and Black Label all clear.  Trails are in great shape, especially the first 4, which are near perfect.
Submitted by r1de on 03/31/2015