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Ride Reports

09 | 02 | '15
Rode last evening after work (5-630) ... parking lot around 1/4 full for how clear it ended up being later in the day which was a surprise after the rains. Couple things; everything I rode was in great shape, super sticky and the birms down 2Hi ju...
Submitted by swartzie on 9/3/15
08 | 30 | '15
This was my very first time at Japanese Gulch. I will definitely go back and ride it again. I can only say, I just wasn't thinking this morning.  Big wind storm yesterday, a trail that meanders through the woods.......guess what?  Lots of...
Submitted by jacknolan on 8/30/15
08 | 26 | '15
Time of Ride:  3:45-5:00 Track Ridden:  Bootcamp, Deuces Wild, Step It Up, Voodoo Child, Movin On, Braveheart, Ryans Line, HLC Happy Ending, Bike Used:  Full Suspension Soil:  Loose   Comments:  Be carefu...
Submitted by Junersun on 8/27/15
08 | 26 | '15
There is no doubt that Duthie is suffering through this summer, but that's no reason to stay away!  It's actually pretty good, if you can apply a gentle touch. Ryan's is probably best left un-ridden, but Voodoo and HLC are still delivering. ...
Submitted by r1de on 8/26/15
08 | 24 | '15
Fat Boy felt Gnomish so platform is clear. Happy Trails
Submitted by Fatboy on 8/25/15
08 | 23 | '15
Rode Hanson Ridge for the first time yesterday starting around 10am. The dirt is in great condition, even moist in places under tree cover. Dusty in exposed places but no more than usual on a rocky trail. It was really fun to ride. Awesome scenere...
Submitted by jayspe on 8/24/15
08 | 20 | '15
I spent the afternoon and evening riding all over Rattlesnake Mountain visiting all the towers along the ridgeline and then heading north towards the power lines you see at the start of your ride. Before this ride, I was always wondering if there was...
Submitted by tomvale on 8/22/15
08 | 20 | '15
Time of Ride:  6:30-7:30 Track Ridden:  Bootcamp, Deuces Wild, Step It Up, Voodoo Child Bike Used:  Hardtail Soil:  Moondust in some areas, compact in others   Comments:  Tracks are running great for the conditions...
Submitted by Junersun on 8/20/15
Been doin this loop since the early 90's. Too bad its so far for us north enders to get to but defiantely worth your while to make the trip at least once a year. I've never done it counter clockwise and don't understand why people would want to and m...
Submitted by on 8/20/15
08 | 18 | '15
Got a moderately big slice of Tiger today, Iverson CW, ETS to OTG to FR to JR to NW Timber.  The recent rains had a net-zero effect out here; trails are still generally bone dry and loose.  The wildfires raging in Chelan have cast an almost...
Submitted by r1de on 8/19/15
08 | 16 | '15
Did a solo ride counter-clockwise around this loop on Sunday, took just over 2 hours. I was glad that I got a relatively early start, as much of the road is south facing and pretty exposed to the sun. Riding the lolipop clockwise would let you do mos...
Submitted by forrmurp on 8/17/15
Landslide at Lower Dungeness trailhead is still an issue, but you can drive throughRd #230 right up to the edge of parking lot and park along side of road. Bigger issue are the landslides near end of the trail itself.  You will need to hik...
Submitted by jeffng on 8/17/15
08 | 16 | '15
I'm sure when maintained this trail is decent, but I was quite disappointed in it today. It know it is mid/late summer but the level of overgrown weeds and thorns today was on another level. Way too much of that to be enjoyable, and dangerous too sin...
Submitted by VQ30DE on 8/17/15
This was simply the best trail grade work ive ridin this year . The conditions were perfect for the moderate ascent and super fast ALL the way down .  Excellent job Evergreen and community.  STUMPJUMPER
Submitted by donny on 8/17/15
Finally getting a chance to post about my first ride on Freund Canyon Trail a few weeks ago.  Had a great time.  Have biked around the Lake Wenatchee area a bunch, but got a hall pass from the family on a weekend trip to ride Freund Canypn....
Submitted by tedbrow on 8/14/15
Manastash bike trails are getting dusty but not so bad that they are moon dust.  Rip Line is getting super loose.  Chest Pains and Pink Pelvis are hard packed and buff 90% of the way.  There are some sections that are super slick becau...
Submitted by Kevin Dwight on 8/13/15
Kevin Dwight
08 | 06 | '15
I stopped in Yakima and rode Rocky Top.  Pretty easy to find but the directions are a little mis-leadiung so I had to look around a little harder for it once I got to Rocky Top Rd.  I ended up in the neighborhood just north of it at first.&...
Submitted by jamesowenby on 8/11/15
08 | 09 | '15
Great adventure bike ride, amazing landscape, views, and lots of berries! The ride along the lakeside warms you up, but the climb is big - try avoid doing it in the heat of the day! I would reiterate the ride report two below - it is a technical tr...
Submitted by biker_tim on 8/10/15
Escaped the lowland heat for the big trees and big views the 410 area provides. The trails are in great shape, with Ranger even having a slight carpet of evergreen needles on it in places. We climbed Ranger in the morning humidity and parts of the tr...
Submitted by rock gnome on 8/5/15
rock gnome
08 | 03 | '15
Went here yesterday for the first time just to check it out and mix up my riding. The trails were pretty dry and loose from all the horse traffic (dry from the drought we are in, of course). Horse poop was present, but not that much of an issue altho...
Submitted by garrbowe on 8/4/15