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Timber! (No Really)

29 | Aug | '15

This was my very first time at Japanese Gulch. I will definitely go back and ride it again.

I can only say, I just wasn't thinking this morning.  Big wind storm yesterday, a trail that meanders through the woods.......guess what?  Lots of down branches.  LOTS.  A nice guy tipped us off in the parking lot and gave us some good suggestions.  But we just dealt with it.  

Since this was my first time in the area, I don't know any names of trails, but suffice it to say that almost all of them have some branches/logs blocking them.  My buddy and I did what we could with our hands, but saws are going to be needed to clear some of the debris.  If I had only taken my "pull" saw (folds up pretty small) I could have cleared most of what we ran across.  Most of it is branches 3-4 inched in diameter, but there is some larger stuff that's going to require a chain saw or bow saw at the least.

So if you go, be ready to clear some debris.  I was a little worried about the trail being wet, and there were a few puddles, but it's been so dry most of the rain drained off.  So all in all the conditions are good.

Also, someone commented about the parking lot being sketchy.  There is now ( or has been for a while?) a dog park at the trail head, so there were a lot of people around and any fear of car burgalars was non-existent. 

Submitted by jacknolan on 08/30/2015