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Rode Noble Knob and Dalles Ridge of part of a White River/Corral Pass/Noble Knob/Dalles Ridge/Palisades loop.  Perfect day for it - mid-to-high 90's F down in the lowlands made for perfect outdoor-napping temps in the subalpine.  The gate o...
Submitted by r1de on 07/31/2015
Rode Palisades as part of a White River/Corral Pass/Noble Knob/Dalles Ridge/Palisades loop, and found the trail to be in much better shape than expected. Had not ridden it since the '14 Enduro, and was expecting a lot of residual evidence of damage...
Submitted by r1de on 07/31/2015
Rode White River from the north end (Palisades exit) to Corral Pass road as part of a Noble Knob/Dalles Ridge/Palisades loop.  Trail was perfect!  No blowdown or dismounts, tail wasn't overly dry.  Just gorgeous.
Submitted by r1de on 07/31/2015
07 | 30 | '15
Since I-90 was closed for the Blue Angels I did South Sea Tac until the traffic was gone. Went on all the trails I could find and then down to the beach. Due to the numbers of stickers around the trails, one got my tube so I needed a pit stop to patc...
Submitted by tomvale on 07/31/2015
07 | 25 | '15
No surprise this is the driest/loosest I've ever seen the trails at Tokul East, but Flowtron is in especially poor shape. Overgrown on the upper section to the point where you can't see the trail, and large blackberry vines crossing at chest and hea...
Submitted by kc1665 on 07/30/2015
07 | 29 | '15
Trails are in great shape and maps available near every entrance. I parked at the Holly gate and did the three technical loops first which were as described - tight, twisty, rooty and generally short. Perfect for a lower intermediate rider. Then I ro...
Submitted by billmcne on 07/29/2015
07 | 28 | '15
I found the climb up to the top of Ape Canyon to be quite challenging for a 60yr old rider on a vintage steel bike. However the view was worth the three mile climb with it's steady (but never too steep to ride) grade and all the huffing and puffing&n...
Submitted by billmcne on 07/28/2015
07 | 27 | '15
The recent "rain" made for great dirt today, and without any mud.  The roots were slick and tricky - and the woodwork was downright treacherous.  I found the Lloyd Detour super challenging, and nearly wiped out twice on the bridges of Cedar...
Submitted by r1de on 07/27/2015
07 | 26 | '15
Went back to do the South trails and explore the primative roads. I really enjoyed the variety of trails that are south of the clear cut. I could have used a machetee  to clear some overgrowth but the trails were great. Have some fun here soon!&...
Submitted by tomvale on 07/26/2015
07 | 25 | '15
Good temps and a little rain the night before made for nice conditions on the ride. I took the gravel road for the first two miles and turned onto rock creek trail. It's pretty steep at first but quickly mellows. This section was mostly clear with so...
Submitted by xxer on 07/25/2015
07 | 24 | '15
Weekday mornings are a magical thing for Tiger: I got to the lower lot at 8:something and found a total of 3 other cars.  Rode up to the summit via the road, and had the summit to myself.  A moderate breeze kept wafting heavy mist across th...
Submitted by r1de on 07/24/2015
I rode the trail from Ellensburg to just past the first tunnel and took a rest at the old cattle ranch homestead before returning home.  It's a gentle 30 mile round trip and the temperatures were great, maybe 85.  The trail is in really goo...
Submitted by Schliesman on 07/24/2015
07 | 22 | '15
Went there to check out the trails and to see the clear cutting firsthand. There is still plenty for you to ride and take advantage of, and no reason to avoid the park if you were doing that. I only had time to do the North half of the park and so th...
Submitted by tomvale on 07/23/2015
07 | 15 | '15
At the end of this ride is a mile-long downhill section of the smoothest and sweetest downhill I have ever ridden. Make sure you find and download a copy of the "Montesano City Forest Road and Trail Map" before you go. I didn't do that and got lost....
Submitted by billmcne on 07/21/2015
04 | 01 | '14
Haven't been there in 14 months and the last ride report was October.Anybody ridden there lately?
Submitted by tomvale on 07/17/2015
07 | 11 | '15
For my first time doing anything of this sort saint edwards was a great start. I have found my new passion. It was nice and dry a few loose gravel spots but nothing a noob wouldnt be able to handle. Will defenately be going again for more practice.
Submitted by NW CHRONIC on 07/14/2015
07 | 14 | '15
From the PRA Facebook page: Pilchuck Tree Farm will be opening the main gates; Victoria Tract, Morgan Club and Pilchuck/Bracken for recreational use at 4 pm Monday July 13th. We may have to close the trails again but for now they are open. Please wa...
Submitted by gulchrider on 07/14/2015
07 | 12 | '15
After hiking 7 miles in Stevens Pass yesterday, I was a little sore and the whole Butte road would have been brutal. I drove up to the 2800 foot level and parked at the Y (no parking lot there but it was really early). I didn't bring a lot of gear an...
Submitted by tomvale on 07/12/2015
07 | 07 | '15
Made it to the summit about 8, that was a little too late. Ended up riding the last hour by headlight on Joy Ride,SS, NWT. Tiger is awesome, thanks Evergreen! 
Submitted by issaquahswimmer on 07/09/2015
06 | 23 | '15
I had to make a trip across the mountains for work and decided to bring my bike along to try Rat Pac. It was about 90 degrees out and I went up alone (not advised). I parked in the little parking lot across from the trail head to Cole Creek and then...
Submitted by ss3ltl on 07/07/2015