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Quick Ride

19 | Aug | '15

Time of Ride:  6:30-7:30

Track Ridden:  Bootcamp, Deuces Wild, Step It Up, Voodoo Child

Bike Used:  Hardtail

Soil:  Moondust in some areas, compact in others


Comments:  Tracks are running great for the conditions we're facing.  A dry summer has made it difficult to keep maintained.  Bootcamp downhill just before the split to Dueces Wild is very moon dusty so be careful.  Deuces Wild is running great with only a few potholes.  Step it up downhill has a few potholes but nothing you can't ride through.  The last few tabletops at Voodoo has some break bumps coming up to the lip but still running extremely smooth.  All uphill parts of the tracks are running well.


Scale:  1(poor) - 10 (Perfect)

Ride Quality:  6 (grooming isn't possible so it's nothing against the people maintaining the place)

Weather:  8 (A little moisture couldn't hurt)

Population:  8 (Ran into three groups of people, all very friendly and had the courtesy to move over to let me pass)

Safety:  7 (few potholes if you don't know how to handle them could bite you)

Submitted by Junersun on 08/20/2015