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15 | Aug | '15

I'm sure when maintained this trail is decent, but I was quite disappointed in it today. It know it is mid/late summer but the level of overgrown weeds and thorns today was on another level. Way too much of that to be enjoyable, and dangerous too since it was difficult to see obstacles and drop-offs under the foliage. Even if weeds weren't a factor, I'm not sure I'd want to do this trail again--it is built like a hiking trail with some extremely steep sections that are mandatory hike-a-bike unless you have a 20-lb bike and are stronger than me! I say that as a lover of intense climbs, and actually I got a KOM and 2nd place (Strava) on two segments of the climb today, but man I was cursing the whole way!

The trail didn't look like it would be very fun on the way down either, at least not the bottom mile or two. I'm amazed that people call this trail "flowy"...there are no berms or nice smooth turns on most of the trail. My definition of flowy is a trail like Sandy Ridge, which is in another league. Anyway, I mean no disrespect to the trail builders and those who like this trail--just wanted to provide a counterpoint to the other ride report from last year. There are some great views but nothing extraordinary for this part of the country, and the majority of this trail is actually through clear-cut, so it's not very scenic and very loose/dusty.

This was my first ride up here--next time I will stick to Cold Creek and Tarbell. Thanks for providing this forum to share our experiences!

Submitted by VQ30DE on 08/16/2015