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A couple towers and singletrack

19 | Aug | '15

I spent the afternoon and evening riding all over Rattlesnake Mountain visiting all the towers along the ridgeline and then heading north towards the power lines you see at the start of your ride. Before this ride, I was always wondering if there was any real single track on this ride and finally found some for bikes and a pretty developed line signed GemTrack. The entrance to the single track is sort of hidden off of one of the older service roads here. It's almost like entering the Bat Cave! Anyway, it was a fun trail and then gets you out to the power line road down to the main road and then your car. The whole ride is cataloged here and the two northernmost waypoints locate where the flowy trail exists. I did a lot of exploring during the ride so not all of the track is biking, there was some hike a bike. To bike to the flow from the main road, you need to break from the main summit road here and head north following this track.

Submitted by tomvale on 08/22/2015