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Sticky and Smooth

01 | Sep | '15

Rode last evening after work (5-630) ... parking lot around 1/4 full for how clear it ended up being later in the day which was a surprise after the rains. Couple things;

  1. everything I rode was in great shape, super sticky and the birms down 2Hi just had some work done on them ... BUTTER SMOOTH, THANKS!
  2. Movin' On (from clearing around to the top) was awesome ... couple small gopher holes into just a couple turns, no standing water
  3. Dueces was super fun ... FYI watch out in the double high right hander with loose/wet pine needles
  4. leaving I passed what had to be 30 people coming in for the evening - secrets out 
  5. Evergreen - super kudos on the kids camp, saw what you guys are doing with the little ones in the clearing, good job!


Submitted by swartzie on 09/03/2015