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Back to dry but still fly

25 | Aug | '15

Time of Ride:  3:45-5:00

Track Ridden:  Bootcamp, Deuces Wild, Step It Up, Voodoo Child, Movin On, Braveheart, Ryans Line, HLC Happy Ending,

Bike Used:  Full Suspension

Soil:  Loose


Comments:  Be careful on all downhill portions of the run.  We have not gotten rain for a week and a half so it is back to moon dust conditions.  try to stay away from the top of the berms where the soil is unpredictable.  Bootcamp downhill is loose on most turns.  Deuces Wild is all fine; good compaction.  Movin on is loose but doesn't hinder with speed.  Braveheart has overgrowth but otherwise the dryness is not too big of a problem; only place my rear wheel really lost traction through the majority of the down. 


Scale:  1(poor) - 10 (Perfect)

Ride Quality:  5 (Rain dance is in need from all again)

Weather:  8 (A bit cooler.  Fall in well on its way)

Population:  10 (Did not run into anyone while on the trail.)

Safety:  5 (play it safe on these loose conditions; otherwise you'll be fine.)

Submitted by Junersun on 08/26/2015