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Ride Reports

06 | 19 | '21
Had a wonderful day parking at the lower lot at Echo Ridge and riding 'Somewhere to Hide' and the 'Outback' loop to the Summit and then going back to the car via 'Nowhere to Hide' and 'Lot to Lot' trails. GPS track and pictures are here. It is pretty...
Submitted by tomvale on 06/19/2021
06 | 11 | '21
In my quest to keep you updated on snowlines, I ventured to Olallie to get back up to the summit of Mt. Washington. I began the climb just before 7am and no rain. The trail was hero, and the views were pretty and under overcast skies. I caught a bear...
Submitted by tomvale on 06/11/2021
06 | 10 | '21
Rode the ocean bluff trails (Mike-O-Rama and Groot), then all the stacked-loop trails, lapping Sub Canyon at least a half dozen times. Added up over 16 miles. All the trails were in mint condition! Sub Cayon is the black diamond flow trail, featuring...
Submitted by r1de on 06/11/2021
06 | 09 | '21
I rode from the parking lot Wednesday up UM, over RR, on to the towers, down CCDH, back up on Raging Tiger, and then back to the parking lot via lower Poppin' Tops and Flow State.  It was a long ride for me about 4 hours in total with the only s...
Submitted by briantwalter on 06/11/2021
06 | 06 | '21
Lot was about half full, even at 7:45 AM which is why I usually avoid the weekends. Rode Master Link, Quick Link and the fire road to the East Tiger Summit trail entrance (pictured). Evergreen was rebuilding ETS, the large right hand switchback berm...
Submitted by Bryan on 06/06/2021
06 | 04 | '21
Had a great, early morning, ride doing two loops on the eastside of the tracks today. I went down Boyz to Men and then back up to do Mukraker and noticed several other places getting a lot of great trail attention. If you haven't been here in a while...
Submitted by tomvale on 06/04/2021
05 | 31 | '21
I saw a newer technical trail called Outer Limits on Trailforks and decided to try that for the first time this morning. I climbed Waterbars Up, and then went over to Burnt Cedar to do that trail "out and back" and then down Outer Limits. It is a lit...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/31/2021
05 | 29 | '21
It's still a little early to make it up to the meadow with the snow pack we have right now so I parked down at the powerlines off of highway 2 and proceeded up to the Jennifer Dunn Trailhead. That way I could still get some vertical in before I'm sti...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/29/2021
05 | 26 | '21
Took a day off to work on myself and check out this place after several meetings got cancelled at work. Had the gravel bike and just explored as much as I could on these trails. It was a good release from the grind. GPS track and pics are here. Don't...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/27/2021
05 | 26 | '21
Sailing over all jumps to exult in victory over Gravy Train My confidence at apogee from skills via practice 
Submitted by Bryan on 05/27/2021
05 | 23 | '21
Had a fun morning going on the gamut of trails at Lord Hill again. I started up to the towers to do the Springboards' flow, then down Meet Cutter, and down to, and back from, the river to get my vertical. After climbing back up I did Redline and then...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/23/2021
05 | 22 | '21
All 10 ladies who signed up, showed up. We rode roughly 7 miles at PTF, trail conditions were good, weather was overcast, there were no accidents or mechanical issues. lindsey, erin, eliza, mari, tammy, rikka, codi,&nbs...
Submitted by Lindseybadgley on 05/23/2021
05 | 21 | '21
Had a Dr appointment this week to review my Bicep MRI and to figure out the repair plan. Doc said "one tendon is detached but it isn't 'an important one'. If you can still function 'as is' in your daily routines, a repair might be too risky and mi...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/22/2021
05 | 15 | '21
After more than a week of no rain, trails were in pretty good shape.  There were a few horses and a lot of hikers, more people than I had ever seen there.  Everyone was friendly and courteous even though bikers are pretty rare in this park....
Submitted by mkay on 05/15/2021
05 | 12 | '21
The day broke calm, And found dry hero dirt angled ever upward: My heart, pounding.    
Submitted by Bryan on 05/12/2021
05 | 10 | '21
After my last report at North Mountain, I am stuck with non-technical gravel riding until my bicep is repaired. Today I took a friend to the Deer Creek gate on the Mountain Loop Highway and we rode up to Barlow Pass with a stop at Big Four and then c...
Submitted by tomvale on 05/10/2021
05 | 09 | '21
Trails were dry and in good condition, lots of rocks. Trails had no traffic. We saw a few horses and hikers at the parking lot (Discovery Pass needed) but we didn't see anyone on the trails. We took the loop clockwise and did about 6-7 miles. We...
Submitted by laet123 on 05/09/2021
05 | 06 | '21
This new Extra Terrestrial at Tiger off of Preston is so awesome, I drove back out and did the exact same route as I rode Sunday.  That's Master to Quick Link, fireroad to East Tiger Summt and onto ET off of Preston. Really a great flow trail, l...
Submitted by Bryan on 05/06/2021
05 | 02 | '21
My bad to show up at Tiger at 8:00 AM on a spring weekend, both lots were nearly full. What drew me were whispers and rumors of a new flow trail called Extraterrestrial that drops left off of Preston Railrooad.  Sure enough, after grunting up Ma...
Submitted by Bryan on 05/02/2021
04 | 28 | '21
So the Tokul lot was empty at 8:00 AM this morning, guess Wednesday is a popular day for working! Not for me though; I rode Flowtron twice and Two Fernz once, then huffed up to the top of Upper Ivan XC (pic related).  I ripped Upper Ivan XC and...
Submitted by Bryan on 04/28/2021