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Ride Reports

04 | 23 | '23
The last week I've been on a staycation SE of Monroe at the Thousand Trails, Thunderbird RV Park on the Skykomish. I had my bike with me and took the challenge to get to the Cherry Valley trail system from the North, using Ben Howard and Cedar Ponds...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/1/23
Rode at the Hill last evening....   Dang fine conditions throughout the park.  Rode to the towers, down springboard and lower springboard, up to goldeneye, back up to withbone and then ewe tube.  Should only get better over the next...
Submitted by jon_dufay on 4/27/23
04 | 15 | '23
A big thanks to the KC parks Newaukum District for replacing this feature on the Iron Brigade trail.  They even installed a new marker acknowledging the original 2011 Eagle Scout installation as well.  Classy job!  Now I know who's bee...
Submitted by KentKangley on 4/21/23
This morning I took the Levo to the end of the Whitehorse in Darrington to begin a pre-ride of a tour I will be bringing a scout troop on in the near future. For new MTB folks and families new to Darrington, this is a route for you to start out wi...
Submitted by tomvale on 4/15/23
This morning was a pretty, late, winter day after an inch or so of snow fell on the Darrington area in town last night. Lower Skyline had 3 inches on its upper half but was ridable. Out of the Blue's lowest two segments were almost ideal and the thir...
Submitted by tomvale on 4/12/23
The forecast calls for another wet week coming, so once the last round of rain stopped, I quickly got in a ride this morning at the Hill. All the trails were only slightly soft and running well except for Red Barn which was its swampy self with some...
Submitted by tomvale on 4/9/23
As a former ski patroller for 17 years, that was one of my favorite phrases to describe the day on the slopes in fresh powder. Today was the same, but instead of skis, this time it was using my Levo instead. I took it up the lower shuttle road which...
Submitted by tomvale on 4/5/23
03 | 27 | '23
Mishmash, Wally World, Wormhole, Capitulate, Wired Brain, and Dr. John all running wonderfully. A little mud in some low spots, but hardly any standing water, except for Banner Slough, which is common this time of year. 
Submitted by skate50mph on 3/29/23
Today's task was to determine where the snowline was and how 'free from snow', the upper trails were on North Mountain. I parked at the gate near the bottom of Out of the Blue, went around the gate, and began climbing the road. I initially descended...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/22/23
03 | 18 | '23
I took the Levo up to Larrabee State Park to make a run down the 'Doubles' before some other tasks needed to be taken care of. There was a 50k trail run going on also so some of the ride was a bit crowded along with the trailhead parking (none left a...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/19/23
03 | 17 | '23
I went out to Cherry Valley Friday to enjoy the dry day and the early Spring like weather. I ended up doing most of the main trails and finished with Outer Limits, Little Ridge and Black Label. The trails were all in good shape but Outer Limits reall...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/19/23
Went to the park this morning to do the trails a bit before I had to take care of some family business near the Park. There is a tree in the image across the Saints Loop trail about 75 yards past the end of Big Dipper at the North end. Other than tha...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/16/23
Drove the truck up to the bottom of the Skyline trail to see if the new snow this week was minimal and the higher, trail bottoms were still ridable. After starting at the bottom, the snow became 5-6" thick and Lower Skyline wasn't ridable at all. I w...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/13/23
Took the bike out after lunch and just started going all over the park. There is a tree for the big saws on Rogue Knight about a third of the way in from the bottom. Today's trails were well drained and had only a couple soft spots at times but great...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/9/23
Last week I went to visit some friends down in Bend, and a cousin near Portland. I was going to pull the trigger in June for an Ebike, but since Specialized had the 25% off sale, I bought a new one while in Portland. After riding my Stumpjumper for 8...
Submitted by tomvale on 3/7/23
01 | 31 | '23
This wasn’t the best of days, and wasn't on my bucket list waiting to be satisfied. I took the Stumpjumper to Tokul East and went back to PNWheel to make another fun run down it. I stopped above the gap to inspect it and then made the attempt. Starte...
Submitted by tomvale on 2/3/23
01 | 29 | '23
Parked at the boulders TH SE 281st Way.  Rode the clockwise loop; Iron Brigade, Anaconda, Python, Snake and sat in the sun by the "ponds".   I was amazed to see that the trail crew removed the carpet of fir branches from Iron Brigade a...
Submitted by KentKangley on 1/30/23
01 | 27 | '23
Went North to Galbraith at sunrise this morning to get a quick ride in, in the fog, before the rest of my day took over. On my way to Scorpion, there was a tower upgrade crew doing some site improvements to the lower tower site and the road is pretty...
Submitted by tomvale on 1/27/23
01 | 24 | '23
Because of the showers up North this morning, I went to the 356th lot this morning a little after 8 and went up Uptown Funk and Lake Marie Road to inspect PNWheel for the first time. It was a cautious descent but a wonderful and clear trail. Next tim...
Submitted by tomvale on 1/25/23
01 | 20 | '23
Took the bike to Cherry Valley, east of Duvall,WA this morning to take advantage of one of the best draining trail systems around Puget Sound. The access roads can be a bit wet or icky but once you start your trail runs you only had to be careful on...
Submitted by tomvale on 1/21/23