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Ride Reports

05 | 27 | '23
All the trails are great. Parked at the Udell Rd trailhead gate and had fun with two other riders today. Come enjoy these trails when you can!
Submitted by tomvale on 5/27/23
05 | 24 | '23
Still under construction.  Opening soon.
Submitted by robbuc on 5/25/23
In all my years with Darrington as my "Happy Place", when I descended on Skyline, I'd stay on Skyline. Today's goal was to climb as high as possible, hike a bike as needed, and do Jackpot for the first time. I parked at the bottom of Skyline, and wit...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/25/23
Thanks to some rain yesterday, the Hill was riding great. Mountaineers trail crew did some fabulous brush cutting along lower springboard...much appreciated!  Rouge Knights and the Sink require a bit of foliage interactions as of now, but still...
Submitted by jon_dufay on 5/23/23
05 | 22 | '23
I went out this morning for a ride after last night's spring showers and experienced hero dirt almost everywhere but got a little wet from all the overgrowth leaning towards the trails. Orion has a new extended turn at the bottom allowing for a more...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/23/23
05 | 18 | '23
Been gone for over a week while driving my daughter home from college, but I got to the trailhead this morning a little after 8am. It was an empty trailhead lot, clear of snow. I began the easterly traverse across the mountain, up to the first 'road...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/18/23
Riding is still pretty good.  The heat over the past few days has turned last week's hero dirt into something a bit drier.  Thanks to whoever did some maintainence on upper spring board!  I plan on doing some nettle removal in the next...
Submitted by jon_dufay on 5/17/23
05 | 06 | '23
Trail is running perfect.  
Submitted by adamgoss on 5/9/23
05 | 06 | '23
There is a new enterance to EVO, just to the left of the old one.  Please use this new enterance. Trail is awesome with ride arounds to all the woodwork for those with mortgages.  Ride within your skills and you will have a blast.  
Submitted by adamgoss on 5/9/23
05 | 03 | '23
Lots of deraileur breaking sticks from the winter wind storms in the first section.  After that all trail is in great shape until the massive tree that has fallen across the trail after the clear cut section.  Tree was too big for our hands...
Submitted by adamgoss on 5/9/23
Had one more day on the coast and wanted to explore another trail system. So I took the bike to Lake Silvia State Park north of Montesano and sampled a bunch of the trails there. It has the feel of the Tokul trails in Fall City but with more clay and...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/8/23
05 | 05 | '23
Was out at Ocean Shores today so I drove up to the Seabrook trails and did most of them as the rain was holding off. Loved the trails and had a good time and enjoyed the ocean view from Mike-O-Rama.  It reminded me of Anacortes or the Lower Ragi...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/6/23
The heat wave and the southern facing side of North Mountain on the Out of the Blue trail, made for a snow free climb on its access road and a hero descent on the lower segments. There is still a tree to cut across the third lowest segment still but...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/3/23
05 | 01 | '23
Figured the trails would be great with recent work along with the heat we had to dry things out. The trails didn't disappoint and I provided a tour to a new rider in the area. It was a comfortable day doing three loops this morning. Get your runs in...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/2/23
04 | 23 | '23
The last week I've been on a staycation SE of Monroe at the Thousand Trails, Thunderbird RV Park on the Skykomish. I had my bike with me and took the challenge to get to the Cherry Valley trail system from the North, using Ben Howard and Cedar Ponds...
Submitted by tomvale on 5/1/23
Rode at the Hill last evening....   Dang fine conditions throughout the park.  Rode to the towers, down springboard and lower springboard, up to goldeneye, back up to withbone and then ewe tube.  Should only get better over the next...
Submitted by jon_dufay on 4/27/23
04 | 15 | '23
A big thanks to the KC parks Newaukum District for replacing this feature on the Iron Brigade trail.  They even installed a new marker acknowledging the original 2011 Eagle Scout installation as well.  Classy job!  Now I know who's bee...
Submitted by KentKangley on 4/21/23
This morning I took the Levo to the end of the Whitehorse in Darrington to begin a pre-ride of a tour I will be bringing a scout troop on in the near future. For new MTB folks and families new to Darrington, this is a route for you to start out wi...
Submitted by tomvale on 4/15/23
This morning was a pretty, late, winter day after an inch or so of snow fell on the Darrington area in town last night. Lower Skyline had 3 inches on its upper half but was ridable. Out of the Blue's lowest two segments were almost ideal and the thir...
Submitted by tomvale on 4/12/23
The forecast calls for another wet week coming, so once the last round of rain stopped, I quickly got in a ride this morning at the Hill. All the trails were only slightly soft and running well except for Red Barn which was its swampy self with some...
Submitted by tomvale on 4/9/23