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Squilchuck State Park

skills park

Key Info

1-2-3 of 5 (technical difficulty)
2 of 5 (physical difficulty)
X-Country, Freeride
Central Washington


8 miles total
1000' elevation gain
98% single track
1% fire road
1% paved
47.375638 lat.
-120.319217 long.


New trail construction begain in 2013 and continued each year at about 2 miles a year.  As of 2017, 8 miles have been created with more under construction.  Its a multy loop configuration, so riders can chooes how little or how much to ride.  Overall elevation gain is roughly 500 feet, but grades are kept to a minimum to lengthen the distance.  Grades very from flat, to short sections over 10% with the average ride at about 5%.  Climbs are nice, but decents are that much nicer.  Trails technicality ranges from easy to moderate.