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Monte Cristo

The town site

Key Info

2 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
NW Washington


12 miles total
500' elevation gain
10% single track
90% fire road
0% paved
48.02595 lat.
-121.443769 long.


Monte Cristo is a historic mining town that has been a favorite family hike and step back in time. It is located at Barlow Pass on the Mountain Loop Highway with a reclamation road built a couple years ago for a soil mitigation project. The addition of the road makes for a nice 10 mile loop. Forest Service Pass required at Barlow Pass.

Typical rocky soils and fire road grade. Some sections of trail have creek erosion and require quick walk over (when dry) or around (when wet).


Verlot Ranger Station back in Verlot(19 miles), and various other businesses in Granite Falls (31 miles) or Darrington (23 miles).