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08 | 19 | '18

so i took my fam today to the bike park i had not bben there in many years but thought it was a good place to take my family no not the case needles all over the place and trash it was horable for me thought  it would be cool to ride again wa...

Submitted by alywha on 08/20/2018
On Greenline
08 | 17 | '18

OK, I'll admit it-I haven't been riding in Capitol Forest  in 15 years or so.  It wasn't a great experience then. I remember oddly named trails and roads, confusion about what was rideable by motorcycles and what was off limits to them,...

Submitted by jackd49 on 08/18/2018
08 | 11 | '18

Did the clockwise loop today. Trail is running great. Slightly tacky, with just a little dust in the corners. All the stream crossings are rideable (unlike back in July). And no bugs. Amazing!

Submitted by sproqitman on 08/11/2018
Hansen Ridge View..the good stuff
08 | 08 | '18

Just an update to what others have reported.  This is a lovely, moderate trail that needs a bunch of work to become the gem that we all wish it could be.  The good news is that although it is overgrown in a lot of places, there are no ca...

Submitted by snowdozer on 08/10/2018
08 | 08 | '18

The climb up to the clear cut is in pretty decent shape, aside from the exposed section near the bottom (which is moon dust).  The descent is really running great, though a bit on the dry & loose side. However, the lower/beginner flow trails...

Submitted by r1de on 08/08/2018
08 | 06 | '18

Super blown out sand, gravel and moon dust. Lots of briars encroaching. Badly needs rain and a reset; there are spots running dry right now that I’ve never seen dry before.

Submitted by r1de on 08/08/2018
Yellow last year, red is 2018 progress!
08 | 05 | '18

I parked at the trailhead around 6:30 in the morning and started up the road to discover the current progress of the summit meadow traverse. The views were a little hazy, but take away the smoke, and the views are beautiful! The upper half of the...

Submitted by tomvale on 08/07/2018
One of the rocky sections

Parked at the beginning of CCC extension, and rode it to the Middle Fork campground and back. That section is in primo condition.

Then we rode up the CCC proper towards North Bend to the first forest road crossing. The trail is a jungle wi...

Submitted by MtnPavlas on 08/04/2018

Great ride! No bugs. Lots of tourists walking down the southern side of the loop, none on the northway side of the loop. 

Submitted by malcolmdole on 08/04/2018
07 | 28 | '18

Very fun trail, glad we decided to check it out. We stopped by the bike shop in town before the ride, Roslyn Rides, and the staff there gave us a cool alternative climbing route to the top of Rat Pac. First we headed north out of town, rode a coup...

Submitted by conomcdo on 07/29/2018
07 | 28 | '18

Instead of starting the ride from the Salmon La Sac campground, we parked on the far end of Cooper lake, and first rode out to the Pete Lake trail.  Pete lake trail was a lot of fun, although we passed many hikers on a Saturday. Next time I w...

Submitted by conomcdo on 07/29/2018
07 | 28 | '18

Norse Peak fire completely destroyed this trail from Noble Knob trail all the way to within 1/2-1 mile of the White River Junction.  Trail bench is gone in most places and everything is scorched earth.

Submitted by cbkoontz on 07/29/2018
07 | 27 | '18

Getting there:

Take the ferry from the Seattle Fauntleroy Terminal to Southworth. Get off the ferry at Southworth. Don’t drive onto the ferry; instead, walk your bikes on with all your gear. This will only cost you $7.45.  It‘s only a...

Submitted by Steve Taylor on 07/28/2018
07 | 25 | '18

All trails are dry, as expected. Dusty and loose in a few spots, but less than expected and overall fast and fun.  Much cooler on the climb and summit than expected, as well. Sampled some of the new material, and I must say, job well done to...

Submitted by r1de on 07/25/2018
07 | 14 | '18

Incredible views and a super fun loop, go ride this! Thanks to some of the folks at Evergreen East for upkeeping this trail.

Submitted by cascul on 07/23/2018
07 | 13 | '18

As part of Kettle Fest 2018, a large group of us rode the recently re-opened Upper and Lower Taylor Ridge trails. Read more

06 | 30 | '18

Rode upon a large black bear on the way down after crossing the RR3 to RR2 trail. It was right on the side of the trail about 20' from where I came upon it. Ran away as soon as it heard me. A bit too close for me, so adreneline was pumping!

Submitted by MarkS on 07/19/2018
06 | 16 | '18

My first time up the Raging River trail heading up the brushy area with corners, hugging the right side of the trail as much as possible. A teenager was blazing down full speed in his full on body armor and full face helmet. Saw me the last split...

Submitted by MarkS on 07/19/2018
Sunny day = Great views

Did the CCW loop. Starting to get dusty in the ski area.  This is an unusual ride because you are mostly by yourself on the entire climb and then hit the summit house and the gondola crowd is there. Nothing wrong with that - just be ready for...

Submitted by jackd49 on 07/18/2018
07 | 15 | '18

Good times

Submitted by hydrokool on 07/15/2018
07 | 09 | '18

The area is trashed again. About three tent campers in the trails, trash piles, busted glass, who knows what else lurking under sticks and leafs.  Was so sketchy we decided it's not worth the risk.

Submitted by hydrokool on 07/15/2018
07 | 14 | '18

The trail is snow free and very dry.  The 5 mile road to trail conversion is very rough but rideable except for a couple of downed trees.  Three of the stream crossings are allready partially washed out, though still ridable.  Use c...

Submitted by Chrols on 07/14/2018
07 | 14 | '18

Rode this for the first time today, a hot day on the east side.  Started from south trailhead and the Loop Trail and Winston Highway were in good shape. Bugs out in force but it was cool in the shade.  Rode to the northwest and missed No...

Submitted by timfitzy on 07/14/2018