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Pre-ride for Scouts and Big Four

15 | Apr | '23

This morning I took the Levo to the end of the Whitehorse in Darrington to begin a pre-ride of a tour I will be bringing a scout troop on in the near future.


For new MTB folks and families new to Darrington, this is a route for you to start out with. The Whitehorse trail is well graded weeds and gravel and the linking powerline road is also easy to ride. When you get to the Powerlines, you turn right...


You proceed East on the powerline road about a half mile until you get to the Skills Park connector trail junction which looks like this


Head up the hill and to the right and then enter the Scaler trail to get to the top of the green (beginner) trails or take the Cruiser trail to get to the info Kiosk. The map on the kiosk is now peeling off either by vandals or water damage.

I continued riding all the green trails and then crossed the road to do a run on Faller, Logger, High Grade and Hook Tender. Then I backtracked to get back to the truck at the Whitehorse trailhead. The trails are in great shape. GPS track and Pics are here.


I drove back to Granite Falls and headed East on the Mountain Loop Highway to go all the way to the Deer Creek gate closure and attempted to take the Levo to the Big Four Picnic area. There is still about 12-24 inches of snow on the highway but the Levo was able to ride the crusty snow about half way but the other half was hike a bike due to the hiker postholing snow pack and slushy instability. The Picnic area had plenty of snow still and the whole Mountain Loop highway is probably 2-3 weeks from an opening unless we get a heat wave. Big Four was gorgeous and the GPS track and pics are here.


Submitted by tomvale on 04/15/2023