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Thousand Trails to Outer Limits

23 | Apr | '23

The last week I've been on a staycation SE of Monroe at the Thousand Trails, Thunderbird RV Park on the Skykomish. I had my bike with me and took the challenge to get to the Cherry Valley trail system from the North, using Ben Howard and Cedar Ponds Road. The goal was to do the Outer Limits trail and see the Falls after the recent rains. I drove to the Markworth Falls, parked, and rode the other 7 miles to the Falls and additional trail to Outer Limits. The recent trail improvements were great but it was still a little soft and this Summer should be good. My GPS app had some issues so the track in the link will have some discontinuities but you can figure out what I did if you need to. GPS data is here with some of the pictures. FYI, with our recent 3 day heat wave, the Skykomish river level rose almost 3 feet at Gold Bar due to snow melt happening this week.  Start getting ready for Alpine Baldy!

Submitted by tomvale on 04/30/2023