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Really awesome trail

18 | May | '15

Absolutely awesome trail.  Im not great with any kind of technical climbing so it was 2/3 riding 1/3 pushing for me, but only because of the demanding line choices on the way up- it was never too steep.  I rode/pushed all the way to the pass which had an absolutely stunning view, left my bike there and had lunch up on Navajo Peak which had an even more stunning view.  took about 3 hours to the pass(with lots of stops for pictures), and another 45 minutes to Navajo Peak form there.  the ride down was about 30ish minutes of pure joy. oh and one-way to the pass is 5.8 miles which you can ride the entire trail, hike up to the Navajo Peak and you make it an even 7.


The ride back down was amazing. If i could design a trail for a trail bike- not an enduro bike, not a XC bike, this trail would be it. It went from surfy open hard sand face, to rocky and tight, to creek bed loose rocks, to perfect flowy duff sections with natural berms, to trenched luge track and everything inbetween. it was never overly steep, it was never overly tech, and at no point was i thinking "shit this is kinda sketchy" or "this is too tech/slow and boring". Absolutely all time.

Im sure it gets crowded on the weekends, but hit it on a beautiful random tuesday and it'll give you perma-grin.

Submitted by jkoepfgen on 05/20/2015