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20 | May | '15

Roads to trail head were in good shape. After the ride, I drove down to checkout Iron Bear and Miller Peak trailheads, and the road was good all the way.

Maybe 10 trees down across the trail. Streams are low. Heard lots of birds chirping. Squirrels running around, and lots of butterflies. Flowers out.

As I pedaled up the valley, I thought how amazing these views are. So nice. Then, when I got to the upper saddle, I was stunned by the view. In my experience, you can't get to views like that on a bike - things like that I've only seen when hiking the backcountry. Really awesome.

Trail has a lot of rocky sections. Dirt is in primo shape.

 Stafford Creek pictures and panoramic video

Submitted by ladmo on 05/21/2015