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All clear on trails

We rode up NF-7100 road from parking area.  All creeks on the ascent up the road are crossable with rocks/logs in place to avoid having to ford through the water. 

On the ride down Devil’s Gulch trail, we encountered quite a few small puddles on the trail—some could be bypassed, others we had to ride through. None were very big but our bikes were very muddy by the end of the ride.  Wherever the trail was muddy, it was quite slick so ride with caution until these dry out.

All creek crossings were doable on the descent as well—same story as on the ascent—rocks/logs in place to avoid walking through the water.  Some were a little tougher than others (see the attached photo) but nothing to stop us in our tracks.


It was a gorgeous day and over all the trail is in good shape.  You can see signs of the fire from a few years back but things are rebounding nicely.  Probably high 60s when we started around 9:30am and I’m guessing it got into the mid- to upper 80s by the time we finished around 2pm.

A few motorcycles were out but we only saw them on the fire road--not on the trail.

Submitted by rickvans on 06/01/2015