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Good workout but could use a reroute or clearing

24 | May | '15

First of all, thanks for posting this ride and the GPS info. It's always fun to have some new rides off the beaten path. Though this ride is never technical, the climb is challenging at times and rocketing down the twisty fire road on the descent was a lot of fun. I didn't see or hear another person except on the last paved bit, and that was on Memorial Day! Really nice to feel "out there". Cloud cover was around ~2000 feet so I never got to see any of the views.

Unfortunately, the ~1 mile hike-a-bike bit on the overgrown fire road has become almost impassable with the spring foliage. I might have been completely lost without GPS. There is really dense vegetation over areas of the trail and some quite challenging fallen trees to navigate around or over by foot. I imagine the situation will only get worse as the vegetation grows back. Hopefully there is a work-around so that this route can still be feasable. Maintaining the current trail would be quite an effort.


Submitted by Nick on 05/25/2015