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Another Construction Update

02 | Jun | '15

The two trail segments listed below are now open. Some signing still needs to be installed but these sections are open. These segments are now broken in due to the recent rains and use during the Echo 30/60 mountain bike race on 5/31/15. Berms are pretty solid but not bomber. These trails, as well as some of the other newer segments, are still not smooth as butter. Local trailbuilders will be smoothing out the tread but it always takes a while for everything to totally smooth out.


Newest Trails:

  • connector from the top of Waterbar Heaven to the loop section of the Outback. (Creates a stacked loop)
  • connector from the bottom of Waterbar Heaven to the bottom of Bergman Gulch. (short road segment between WBH and the new singletrack)
Submitted by on 06/03/2015