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Rocky But Fun

06 | Jun | '23

Drove over early to the Butte for a ride before a family member wellness check and had a blast on the way down. Today, I climbed up the trail to the intersection of the downhill and the double track and then went west to climb the Chelan Butte Road. This is tougher route, but there are no highway worries! There has been some enhanced road grading on the double track across the northern traverse a third of the way up (in the image) making it much easier to climb. Thanks to DNR or Chelan County for that! The trail down has a lot of fist sized rocks and drainage ruts in it but we'll just call them challenges. It was a great run. GPS track a pics are here. The 15 minute video is here but you can jump through it as your time permits.

Have fun at our mtb festival. I'll miss it this year!

Submitted by tomvale on 06/07/2023