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Fawn Ridge Ride

Fawn Ridge is the bottom 1/3 of the Suntop Trail.  Trail starts where the Suntop trail crosses the logging road. You access this trailhead by climbing this logging road.

I stayed to the road(7+ miles) all the way up.  Road is still gated at mile 3. There is spotty snow the last mile so I had to push a short 1/2 mile to the trail junction.  All the single track was snow free. Only a few trees down near the airfield road. Trail is in great tacky shape right now.  I even was able to keep my feet dry crossing Doe Creek.

If you are familiar with this ride, you know at about 5.5 miles up the rd you cross a side trail (on the left) that rises to intersects with the regular trail (50 feet).  You could take the road to this side trail and then ascend the trail up to the junction and avoid all the snow.

A few pictures here:

Submitted by jackd49 on 02/13/2015