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Rides Amazing (and an Impromptu WP)

07 | Jul | '23

The road up is just as sucky as always... but, when that's over, the trail rides beautifully - it's dry all right, but not dusty or overly loose. We saw a report on TF about 15 downed trees - well, we took care of about 8 of them (our saws could handle logs up to 13" or so). There are a few more (the 15 includes one cluster of multiples) - if I had to guess, maybe 5 left? Some of them fairly large (thinking up to 18 in diameter), but also in awkward positions, requiring some sawyer finess to cut them out safely. All in all, a great day on one of the most amazing trails in the state, IMHO. A dip in icy-cold Lake Easton was a cherry on the cake. Go get it, but make sure to bring some repellent with ya.

Submitted by MtnPavlas on 07/08/2023