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Trails in good condition, magical area

Rode upper CCC road and lower Middle Fork trail to the Dingford TH today. The CCC road part is a great smooth ride (save the portion right at the trailhead). The Middle Fork trail required HaB a couple of dozen times for this aging rider. The brush was ok, you can see the trail clearly, just wear long pants and maybe a bell to avoid freaking out big animals. The area still has something magical (moss-covered forest floor, clear cool Snoqualmie) but the trail is in much better shape than 10yrs ago (thank you NFS and other trail workers). I rode back on the forest road which is very rough (chunky rocks, potholes across the entire road ~2/3 of the way) but quick. Details on https://ridewithgps.com/trips/128792524

Submitted by thijssen on 07/21/2023