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Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley

The lower 3rd of Middle Fork Snoqualmie trail is closed (the upper 2 sections from Dingford up are open, and so is CCC Road, CCC Extension and Taylor River)

More info from https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/mbs/alerts-notices: "Following a significant slide across the Middle Fork Trail, hazardous conditions require a closure of the trail to ensure public safety. The location is about 1.1 miles upstream of the Middle Fork trailhead. There is a large slide block about 200' x 500' which had slumped leaving scarps from 5' to 20' high. A 200' section of the Middle Fork trail goes right through the slide and is impassible because of soft mud and downed trees in the middle of the slide. The slide is still potentially active and we strongly recommend that the trail in its entirety be avoided."

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