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Middle Fork Snoqualmie Valley

The lower 3rd of Middle Fork Snoqualmie trail is closed (the upper 2 sections from Dingford up are open, and so is CCC Road, CCC Extension and Taylor River)

More info from https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/mbs/alerts-notices: "Following a significant slide across the Middle Fork Trail, hazardous conditions require a closure of the trail to ensure public safety. The location is about 1.1 miles upstream of the Middle Fork trailhead. There is a large slide block about 200' x 500' which had slumped leaving scarps from 5' to 20' high. A 200' section of the Middle Fork trail goes right through the slide and is impassible because of soft mud and downed trees in the middle of the slide. The slide is still potentially active and we strongly recommend that the trail in its entirety be avoided."


This area is a PNW classic - rugged, remote, and wild.  Most of the trail is under heavy canopy, and never strays too far from the river.  Don't expect a lot of high-elevation views or wildflower meadows here; expect giant, old-growth trees, ferns, streams, dense evergreen forest, roots, sketchy creek crossings, a natural hot springs geyser shooting up right next to the trail, and a possible velociraptor or yeti sighting - it's always an adventure on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie!

CCC Road:

Up to 28 miles of logging road, double-track, bunch of single track and a few rough creek crossings along the way. Makes for a great training ride, and can be turned into a PNW epic if you connect it with the CCC Extension and Middle Fork trails.

CCC Extension:
This is a great intermediate-type PNW single track (3.3 miles or 6.5 out and back).

Middle Fork Snoqualmie:
This trail follows the Snoqualmie River, rolling along on the opposite side of the river from the MF Road (FR56). The first 1/3 of the trail is nice and in good shape (alert: this section has been closed since spring 2018 due to a slide); the upper 2/3rds above Dingford are more technical. The top third is the wildest and beautiful. Bring food, water, tools, and a second set of lungs and legs if you do the trail as out and back (though many folks go up the forest road, then go down the single track right before Dutch Miller Gap. Also, there is no cell service! Please NOTE: This trail is open to mountain bikes only on odd-numbered calendar days June 1 - October 31. Season opening/closure for bicycles depending on trail conditions - check here for more info.

Taylor River:
This is a short (13 miles out-and-back RT from the parking lot) reclaimed road trail that follows along the wild Taylor River. This trail is open year round. There are a few unique features to this ride: Otter Falls, an grove of large Cedars, and the Big Creek Bridge.

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