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Trail Status

For all of the recent rains, the trails are not too muddy. There are a few mud puddles (and two or three HUGE puddles) but generally everything is in good shape. However, after the big windstorm in December, there are lots of trees down across the trails. Most of the main trails in the Putney Woods portion have been cleared by the backcountry horsemen's group that maintains the trails, but the trails in the Saratoga Woods and Metcalf Trust (DNR) portions still have lots of blowdown so dont go blasting around any blind corners too fast.

Since the new Trail Guide doesnt seem to allow editing like the old wiki-style guide, I will add a few other tidbits here.

Here is one of the routes I usually ride - it gives you a good taste of trails in each of the three 'sections' and has some flowy bits, some small climbs, and lots of rooty twists and turns:

My Typical Route


Here is what the parking lot at the Saratoga Woods entrance looks like:

Saratoga Woods Parking Lot


Here is what the Putney Woods parking lot looks like:

Putney Woods Parking Lot

Submitted by briandunnington on 01/08/2015