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Tried to get in the back door

03 | Mar | '18

I knew the ridgeline was full of snow so getting up the lollipop stick to the loop would've been futile. I wanted to try getting to the bottom of the loop by going up the rattlesnake road past the substation and then as far as the conditions would let me. The goal, to meet up with the current raging river trail. Didn't happen as you can see in the image. Snow was initially passable but as I got higher it got deeper and the truck tracks I was using were also deep and pedalling meant digging into snow. It became more hike a bike and then the truck tracks turned around leaving me nothing but untracked, soft stuff. I was about a half mile from the return trail climb and had to turn around. There is about 12-15 inches on the road there.  Was a gorgeous day for a ride. Track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 03/03/2018