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Spokewheel Bench Still Hike a Bike

26 | Apr | '18

Thanks to April snows, we have a little more time to wait before we can enjoy the Raging River loop unimpeded. I started from SR-18 on the Rattlesnake Rd to use the road instead of the shaded snowy  upper trails. The road and its climb are a grunt but was clear of snow all the way to the towers. I then joined up with the lollipop and tried to make it to the spokewheel bench but after the clearing the shaded trails to the bench were snowed in still and I hiked up to the road to bail out. We still got a week of warm rain and a week of sun to dry it all out before we're clear. I did the yellow track in the attachment. Mt Rainier and the views were above the haze. It was a pretty day! Track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 04/28/2018