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Time for a Work Party?

09 | Jun | '21

I rode from the parking lot Wednesday up UM, over RR, on to the towers, down CCDH, back up on Raging Tiger, and then back to the parking lot via lower Poppin' Tops and Flow State.  It was a long ride for me about 4 hours in total with the only significant stop being to fix a drain on RR2 (pic).  There are quite a few drains especially on RR2 and RR3 that could use clearing.  If there is a work party coming up or being thought about I'd be happy to join.  I also noticed the mosquitoes were in full-effect and I was being swarmed after stopping for more than 20 seconds.  It was my first time out on CCDH and while I loved the flow and contours, the upper couple of sections was just way too rooty for me.  The bottom couple of sections were a blast.  It was also my first time on Raging Tiger.  There were a couple of steep switchbacks that were tough but the profile of the trail itself was top notch.  Nice work on that one.  It's the cleanest ride at RR in my view.  I'm so grateful for this system keep up the great work and I can't wait to chip in.

Submitted by briantwalter on 06/11/2021