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Head on Collision

16 | Jun | '18

My first time up the Raging River trail heading up the brushy area with corners, hugging the right side of the trail as much as possible. A teenager was blazing down full speed in his full on body armor and full face helmet. Saw me the last split second, locked up his brakes and crashed into me really hard! I was knocked off the bike, and really banged up. I'm 49, adn luckily in very good shape or I would have been very messed up! The kid freaked out and was totally apologetic. I was on teh other hand, really pissed off and was yelling at him about this being a 2-way trail and he needs to be more cautious. A group of about 6 to 7 other teenage riders. I warned them all about the 2-way traik and the uphill rider has the rigght of way. My buddy taped me up a bit and I slowly made it all the way up to teh view point until we turned around. Hope no one else gets damaged from these downhill racers!

Submitted by MarkS on 07/19/2018