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New Canyon Creek DH-Dark Blue?

05 | Aug | '20

I rode the new Canyon Creek DH this morning, and Raging Tiger back up. CCDH is long with rooty technical gnar, some steep powdery switchbacks and a bermy flowy final section down to the river. I'd call this a blue plus or black minus, maybe dark blue or grey. It's similar to No Service without the two super techy sections, but feels a lot longer. You can really see Evergreen's new agile trail development here. Much of this trail feels barely there, and it'll change as it gets ridden in. There's a black rock roll towards the bottom (see pic) which feels like the signature feature. 
Raging Tiger is really two trails, the first section up from the river feels like Return Policy, while the second is a smooth gravel path with a slight downhill. Thanks again to Evergreen for the new trails!

Submitted by Bryan on 08/05/2020