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05 | Dec | '20

To PHil, and others who helped Ingemar walk down from Poppin' Tops on Saturday.

Thank you so much!

Ingemar's wounds were what you saw, and there were no other major problems.  Teeth, all there, Jaw, Nose not broken, After an eval. at Snoqualmie valley hospital, he was transferred to Evergreen, where they had a plastic/cosmetic surgeon on call.  As you can imagine, that was a long, long procedure.  He looks fantastic, if a bit bloodied and very swollen.

The ambulance drivers were very, very impressed by your bandaging job, Phil.  Thank you!

Ingemar's head is of unusual size, and it took a long time to fit him for a helmet.  I'm glad we took that time.



Submitted by slowgreyguy on 12/07/2020