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Rattlesnake Road Snow Level

04 | Apr | '20

Rattlesnake Road has no trail entry on this web site, but it connects to Raging River so I'll put this report here. The entrance from SE 104th Street & Rattlesnake Rd. SE is just off Hwy 18 near Hwy 90. It is posted no motorized vehicles and no shooting, but that's it. Nothing against hiking and mountain biking. It has some of the steepest climbs in the area, great cardio workout, tougher than climbing Tiger. But it's all gravel roads, no fun single track or anything technically challenging.

As of Sat 4/4/2020 it is not posted as closed due to COVID-19 like so many other trails are. Along the southern route, Rattlesnake Road SE, it's great conditions up to about 2,300' elevation at which point the trail becomes unrideable due to snow. Going back to the zig-zag fork of the trail that heads east near the 5.5 mile marker, it is more exposed due to recent logging, so it has more sunshine, which melted some of the snow and it climbs to about 2,500' before becoming snowed in and unridable. Either way, you can't get to the summit due to the snow, but you can still get some good steep climbing. As usual I didn't see any other bikers -- I haven't for years, I think the steep climbs and lack of singletrack make it not one of the favorite trails around here.

Submitted by mrc01 on 04/05/2020