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Invictus is Inspiring

24 | Jun | '21

I started up about 7am this morning to do the Lollipop and have a blast on No Service and then climb the west service road to go up and do it again. After having a fun first run down No Service and also more confidence, I went left up the service road and climbed up to the No Service/Invictus intersection and took a deep breath and started the Go Pro again. This would be the first time down Invictus. It won't be my last but it was a challenge for me in many spots and some drops I will need to session another time. They were too big for me and being alone. Some of the stuff I should have just rolled but i will do that next time. It was a good day for dirt and traction but I need to scope lines out better. It was a new goal in the back of my head. The views today were great. Today's successes made up for the out and back turn-around at Devils Backbone. I returned on Return Policy (no timber work yet, still untouched, just marked) and then Poppin Tops and Flow State to finish. It was a great day. GPS track and pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/24/2021